School Football Team

Woody's Freestyle Football have been providing elite football training for school football teams for many years. Not only do we train the schools football team, we can also travel to away fixtures taking place at other schools, as well as home fixtures to coach on match days.

After School Programme

Our after-school sessions run in a large number of selected schools, sessions run after the school day has finished, between 3pm-5pm depending on the school. They are usually for girls/boys of all abilities in school years 1-6 and our aim is that children express themselves, whilst learning in a fun and safe environment.


Woody's Sports Academy deals directly with payments and collection arrangements through parents/carers and all aspects regarding the after school programme.





During WFF sessions we use a three step process.


Players work on basic skills all the way through to more advanced and complex skills to help a players technical development which include:

• Passing.

• Dribbling.

• Running with the ball.

• Shooting.

• Shielding.

• Control.


The above skills are then all coached into various drills and fun coaching games to enable players to adapt a skill to the reality of a match situation.


Then players are given the freedom to express themselves in small sided games and try to implement what they have learnt.

The Football Freestyle Element

Due to Paul's job performing as one of the worlds leading footballentertainers, he has created sessions which are all based around becoming a master with the ball. These sessions are implemented from time to time to bring a different dynamic to the services that our soccer schools offer. There are also bespoke packages of up to two days throughout the year, which are dedicated to football freestyle lovers who want to take their technical ability to the very next level. Please feel free to visit


It is very important to bring the correct clothing/footwear, in order to enjoy the session to it's full potential. Please see our check list below but note that it has been devised taking into consideration changes in weather and the use of different parts of the facility.






Tracksuit top.

Tracksuit bottoms.

Rain jacket.

Trainers/AstroTurf trainers (clean for indoors).

Moulded/Studded football boots.

Shin pads.

Water bottle.


A lot of the above can be bought from our online shop, so please feel free to visit.


The area where all children must meet to register and get changed is the school hall, unless instructed otherwise. The pick up point for parents is outside the entrance to the school.


If you wish for your child to participate, please complete the application and return it with payment to your child's school secretary or follow our pay online service below as soon as possible; since numbers are restricted and the club will operate on a first come first served basis, as safety is a prime concern. From here you will only be contacted if there are no available spaces.


Due to health and safety/child protection during our sessions, parents are not permitted to come and watch their children whilst the club is operating. WSA will not be held responsible for damage or loss of property and we have a strict no refund policy.









*If your session is not listed, please hand in your form/payment as normal at your schools office or through Paypal chip and pin with one of our staff members.


Note: Courses all include £2 admin fee


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