Lunch, After School & Weekend Clubs

We run Woody's Mini Movers during the schools lunch time, after school and also at the weekend usually for children aged 3-6. Sessions are open to everyone with a limited amount of places due to health & safety, but also to keep the quality of the sessions as high as possible.

Early Years Foundation Stage

These programs have been developed by mirroring the Early Years Foundation Stage, up to the current primary schools curriculum. Sessions are all geared towards a high level of fun, to enable our Mini Movers to learn in a stimulated educational environment.


We aim for our sessions to include:

Energetic, Fun and Charismatic Coaches.

Teachings of Fundamentals to a Variety of Sports.

Fun Games for All.

Gain Confidence and Meet New Children.



We also aim to include the following WMM goals:


Personal, Social and Emotional Development:

Children develop confidence by trying new activities.

The children learn to work as part of a group.

Learning to take turns and understanding that there needs to be agreed values and codes of behaviour.


Communication, Language and literacy:

Children develop sustained attentive listening and respond to what they have heard by actions.

Children are encouraged to speak clearly and audibly when asked to say their name and respond to instructions with verbal answers.


Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy:

Children say and use numbers when playing games and when learning about different muscles & parts of the body.

Children can use language to describe shape and use every day words to describe position.


Physical development:

Children are encouraged to move in a variety of ways.

The children negotiate space when playing chasing games with other children.

Children negotiate pathways.

The children judge their body space when fitting into spaces.

Children are encouraged to recognise the importance of keeping healthy and how exercise and stretching can contribute to this.


Creative Development:

Expressing themselves through movement.

Being creative with their movements, actions and thoughts.


Knowledge and Understanding of the World:

Gaining the knowledge and the importance of physical exercise.

Why we should eat healthily and the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

The importance and routine of stretching our bodies before/after activities.


It is very important to bring the correct clothing/footwear, in order to enjoy the session to it's full potential. However if the session is a lunch club children only need to change their footwear. Please see our check list below but note that it has been devised taking into consideration changes in weather and the use of different parts of the facility.


• Shirt.

• Shorts.

• Socks.

• Jumper.

• Tracksuit top.

• Tracksuit bottoms.

• Rain jacket.

• Trainers/AstroTurf trainers/Plimsolls (clean for indoors).

• Moulded football boots.

• Shin pads.

• Water bottle.

A lot of the above can be bought from our online shop, so please feel free to visit. 



If you wish for your child to participate, please complete the application and return it with payment to your child's school secretary (if we run a Woody's session at your child's school) or follow our pay online service below as soon as possible; since numbers are restricted and the club will operate on a first come first served basis, as safety is a prime concern. From here you will only be contacted if there are no available spaces. WSA will not be held responsible for damage or loss of property and we have a strict no refund policy.


*If your session is not listed, please hand in your form/payment as normal at your schools office or through paypal chip and pin with one of our staff members.


Note: Courses all include £2 admin fee

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