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Is your child football mad and can’t get a team, maybe your child lacks confidence or ability, why should they miss out! As we all know there are so many kids and so few opportunities to play in a team at the weekend. For whatever reason it may be, Woody’s Soccer League and team of coaches believe, these children should not suffer and should be able to go back to school and share their footballing stories from the weekend too.


A very common question the staff at ‘Woody’s Sports Academy’ get asked is, "do you know of any teams my son/daughter could join, I can’t find any and all the ones we’ve approached are full up and turn us away?" Well, we have the answer!


Please may we introduce to you ‘Woody’s Soccer League'. This league is run on a Saturday and is a league aimed at providing competitive football. It's easy to get to and fun to be at, very well organised, in the same place, at the same times each week and all about the children playing our beautiful game with nothing in their way to stop them.


No matter what your child’s ability, no matter what their height or weight and no matter what their race or gender, this league is strictly about INCLUSION!


The league is open to boys and girls from Year 2 in primary school all the way up to year 11 in secondary school, with each child playing with and against children of similar age and ability. Children play one game against another team, until they have faced all the teams in their league. Any remaining weeks after all the league’s fixtures have been decided will be filled with random friendly games or tournaments, against other teams within the same league.


All fixtures will be played at the superb venue of Ashmole School Academy, Cecil road, Southgate, N14 5RJ.


Administration takes place each week i.e. league tables, match reports and fixtures, so the children can see how they are getting on. At the end of each league program, medals, trophies, star players and top scorers will be awarded.


If you are a part of the Woody's Soccer League programme, you will be eligible for trials to become a part of Woody's Wanderers FC (WWFC). For more information please visit our WWFC page.


*Please note, although we wish to provide a league format, this is not always possible due to numbers available in each age group.


How does it run?

This is a brief run through of how things will work. It will help you with arrangements on a match day and will also inform you of what is expected from all who are involved or participating at Woody’s Soccer League!


Pre-Match and Training

• Participants arrive at 10am.

• On arrival each week follow signs and report to the main tent to register.

• Here your child can meet up with other team mates and be allocated their pitch number & colour for training.

• Numbered bibs will be provided on arrival in their respective team colours.

• Shirt, shorts & socks must be provided by yourselves, and be either black or white. (Can be bought from our online shop).

• Shin pads are a vital necessity so please provide these otherwise your child may not be able to participate. (Can be bought from our online shop).

• The facility is a grass surface so football boots are recommended.

• Each week a different player will represent their team and gain the captains armband for the match, which is decided during training. They will be involved in the pre-match rituals to determine who kicks off etc.

• Training will last 45 minutes covering different technical aspects to help you in a game and include a warm up.

• 11am Drinks break, water will be available free of charge as well as other refreshments which will be for sale.


Match Schedule

• 11.05am Team talk.

• 11.10am Kick off.

• 11.30am Half time drinks break.

• 11.35am Second half kick off.

• 11.55am Final whistle and debrief.

• 12pm Home.


During Match

• 7 players per team plus 1 substitute, this may vary depending on attendance.

• Games will last approximately 40 minutes.

• All match rules are the same as those adopted by the F.A. Premier League with a few odd exceptions to help maximize playing experience. 1) Throw-ins for years 2, 3 & 4 can be roll-ins if preferred. 2) Opponents only have to be 5 yards away from a dead ball, e.g. a free-kick. 3) Goal kicks from keeper’s hands must be sensible (at the discretion of match officials); otherwise he/she may be asked/restricted to throwing the ball out.

• Referees decision is final; nobody is allowed to question their decision.

• Each player wears the numbered bib provided. To ensure everyone plays the same amount of time within each game, the referee will rotate the players according to their numbers and this will work to a strict time limit. So no matter how well you are playing, you will have to take your turn as a sub when indicated by the referee. This is aimed at building good discipline and team work, as there will always come a point in the game where each team could lose their stronger players for a short period.

• If a team has fairly selected a goalkeeper he/she may not have to come off. In this situation only out field players would be substituted.

• When a goal is scored the ball always returns to the centre spot.

• Come the final whistle all players must shake hands and wish each other well for future games.


Post Match

• Games may finish slightly earlier or later than planned. But as soon as each game finishes the referee will walk both teams from their pitch over to the main tent; where all children will be required to sit in straight lines within their teams for the debrief and until they are collected. From experience most parents/guardians at these sorts of events do like to stay and watch, so are on hand quickly to leave. However children must ensure they follow these procedures and wait to be released by a WSL staff member, in order to maintain their safety.

• Team bibs must be handed back.

• Please leave the premises in an orderly and respectable manner.



Codes Of Conduct

Parent/Guardian Code of Conduct


This parent/guardian code of conduct has been put in place to help the league operate and achieve its goals. Woody’s Soccer League can only accomplish this, with your full co-operation and we would ask you to comply with the following:


​• Time keeping is vital to ensure the event runs smoothly and guarantee everyone’s enjoyment. This is why you must arrive at the venue 15 minutes prior to your child’s training session.

​• All cars must be parked in the clearly designated parking area, just as you enter the Ashmole School Academy premises.

​• If you wish to watch your child play in their match, you must stand in the designated areas.

​• As the aim of this league is for children to have fun and enjoy their football regardless of their ability, all parents/guardians are encouraged to cheer and give positive praise; but on no account is there to be any information or instructions aimed at children whilst playing. This can be done prior to arrival or when you and your child leave, allowing your child and others to play with no pressure and create the positive atmosphere we at Woody’s Soccer League are trying to facilitate.






Player’s Code of Conduct


This player’s code of conduct has been put in place to help the league operate and achieve its goals. The following points will ensure that children know and understand what is expected of them and help promote the positive atmosphere we are looking to create:


​• No bad language at any time.

​• Show good sportsmanship in all situations.

​• All referees decisions are final and are not to be questioned.

​• Include and support all team mates as much as possible and never be negative towards one another.




It is very important to bring the correct clothing/footwear, in order to enjoy the session to it's full potential. Please see our check list below but note that it has been devised taking into consideration changes in weather and the use of different parts of the facility.


​• Shirt.

​• Shorts.

​• Socks.

​• Jumper.

​• Tracksuit top.

​• Tracksuit bottoms.

​• Rain jacket.

​• Trainers/AstroTurf trainers (clean for indoors).

​• Moulded/Studded football boots.

​• Shin pads.

​• Water bottle.


A lot of the above can be bought from our online shop, so please feel free to visit.


e league will operate on a first come first served basis, as safety is a prime concern. From here you will only be contacted if there are no available spaces. Woody’s Sports Academy will not be held responsible for damage or loss of property and we have a strict no refund policy.


Introducing - Woodsy Soccer League Girls Only Session!


Is your child football mad and would enjoy the chance to play alongside other girls away from the pressure of playing with boys.


Many girls can play and hold their own with other boys, but we are aware many do not feel comfortable in this scenario. For this reason we have created a Woodys Soccer League Girls session.


This session runs on Saturdays alongside Woody's Soccer League at Ashmole Academy from 11am-12pm.






If you wish for your child to participate, please complete the application and return it with payment to your child's school secretary (if we run a Woody's session at your child's school) or follow our pay online service below as soon as possible; since numbers are restricted and the league will operate on a first come first served basis, as safety is a prime concern. From here you will only be contacted if there are no available spaces. Woody’s Sports Academy will not be held responsible for damage or loss of property and we have a strict no refund policy.


Note: Courses all include £2 admin fee


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