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We run Woody’s Mini Movers lessons during school lunch time, after school and also at the weekends and these sessions are aimed at children aged 3-6. Sessions are open to children of all abilities, although places are limited to not only ensure health & safety, but also maintain quality standards.

These programs have been developed by mirroring the Early Years Foundation Stage, up to the current primary schools curriculum. Sessions are geared towards a high level of fun, to enable our Mini Movers to learn in a stimulated educational environment.


We aim for our sessions to include:

• Energetic, Fun and Charismatic Coaching.

• Teachings of Fundamentals to a Variety of Sports.

• Fun Games for All.

• Gain Confidence and Meet New Children.



We also aim to deliver the following goals:


Personal, Social and Emotional Development:

• Children develop confidence by trying new activities.

• The children learn to work as part of a group.

• Learning to take turns and understanding that there needs to be agreed values and codes of behaviour.


Communication, Language:

• Children develop sustained attentive listening and respond to what they have heard by actions.

• Children are encouraged to speak clearly and audibly when asked to say their name and respond to instructions verbally.


Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy:

• Children say and use numbers when playing games and when learning about different muscles & parts of the body.

• Children can use language to describe shape and use every day words to describe position.


Physical development:

• Children are encouraged to move in a variety of ways.

• Children negotiate space when playing chasing games with other children.

• Children negotiate pathways.

• Children judge their body space when fitting into spaces.

• Children are encouraged to recognise the importance of keeping healthy and how exercise and stretching can contribute to this.


Creative Development:

• Expressing themselves through movement.

• Being creative with their movements, actions and thoughts.


Knowledge and Understanding of the World:

• Gaining the knowledge and understanding the importance of physical exercise.

• Why we should eat healthily and the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

• The importance and routine of stretching our bodies before/after activities.

Important reminders & FAQs

How does it run?

Where: 10 to 12 week courses run at Ashmole Academy, Cecil Road, Southgate, N14 5RJ
Time: 10am-11am
Who for: Nursery, Reception and Year 1.
Where to park: Designated parking area as you enter Ashmole Academy.
What to do when you arrive: Report to the registration table to be signed in and you will be told by a coach which area to report to.
Sessions: Energetic, fun games teaching the fundamentals of football. Drink breaks are scheduled throughout.
What to wear (weather dependent):
Football kit or sportswear
Tracksuit top
Tracksuit bottoms
Rain jacket
Trainers/Astro turf trainers
Moulded/Studded football boots
(the facility is a grass surface so football boots are recommended)
Shin pads
Water bottle

07961 437 202

Nick Davis (Head of Coaching)

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