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"customised sessions to meet individual needs"

 Our staff can come to you or a facility of your choosing to deliver these 1 hour sessions, or alternately can also use one of our own facilities. The objective of coaching in this way is to build up the participants skill base, improving individual efficiency and giving greater opportunity to succeed. These lessons are usually intense one on one sessions or with two players, but can be delivered with up to five players at any one time. Lessons are open to both girls and boys from the age of five upwards. From week to week basic skills are worked on so individuals become stronger technical players and include sessions to help passing, dribbling, running with the ball, shooting, shielding, tackling and many other aspects of the game. From a football freestyle perspective, becoming a master of the ball is an important element to becoming a top flight player and all techniques/tricks learnt are transferable  to the actual game itself. Living proof of this would be the best players in the world today such as Christiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Ronaldinho who excel at both!

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Case Study:

We are extremely proud to have had many success stories of players who have gone on to play at various clubs such as Arsenal and Watford.  One example is Jamie Lawrence who received our specialist private coaching and had interest from a range of elite football clubs and elected to join the famed Ajax youth development programme!

Football Party – These (purely) fun sessions for the birthday boy/girl and their friends, where they can enjoy fun coaching games like Foxes & Rabbits, Star Wars, Crabs, Destroyer and many more. In the second half of the party, the group are split into teams, so that they can take part and show off all their skills in a match situation.

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